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Submit the ideas you have for the story you always wanted to read!
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30th-Oct-2010 01:51 am - To start the community out....
I'm going to post a few fanfiction ideas, just to get things rolling. Click on the post below to view!

Good God, I've been having these ideas in my head for years!

Scenario 1Collapse )

Scenario 2Collapse )

Scenario 3Collapse )

Just a couple of suggestions to start people out. :) I hope these scenarios get the old noggin churnin'!

Soooo! For anyone who is even interested, I do believe that this community is open! It took me a while to actually find a good design, but you guys should let me know how it is. I really like it, I hope you guys do too!

C'mon guys, post some suggestions! I don't care what kind of fandom it is-Harry Potter, Star Trek, How I Met Your Mother, Inuyasha, Twilight-just go for it! Anything goes, really! Any rating you have in mind, any scenario.

We need promotion, btw! I you can, promote promote promote! I hope you guys have fun, and thanks!
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