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FanFiction Ideas
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Have an idea for a fanfic, but not sure you could write it to the best of your abilities?
Welcome to FanFiction Ideas! The whole point of this community is to post your wonderful ideas for a fanfic that you're not sure you could write to the best of your abilities. Someone here will pick up the idea, and hopefully write that idea into a fanfic that you've always wanted to read! We specialize in all kinds of fandoms, so feel free to jump on in and join the community!

Couple rules, before we start.
1.NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO POST HATEFUL/HURTFUL REMARKS ABOUT THE FANDOM/PAIRING A MEMBER LIKES. No outright flaming, please. Constructive Criticism is the key!
2.Make sure your submissions are behind an LJ cut, please! :)
3.Be fandom specific, please! State the fandom, the idea, and who you are.
4.When posting a story, it can be tagged according to the fandom and pairing/story title. It would look like this: fandom:character/character or fandom:story title. In the case that a story is a crossover, it would be tagged accordingly:fandom/fandom:character/character or fandom/fandom:story title.
5.In case some people don't want to read it, please specify what rating your story is.
6.Multiple people can post stories based on the idea. Just remember, be fandom specific, and cite who came up with the idea. You are always allowed to write a story based on multiple peoples ideas. Multi-chaptered fics are most welcome!
7.Feel free to collaborate with other members about ideas, or even on stories.
8.While I don't approve of it, RPS is welcome here. However, please specify that it is RPS.

I would appreciate it if when posting a story, your format would be thus:

Just remember to have fun!

I came up with this community, because I used to be a fanfic writer but somewhere along the way, I was stopped by writers block. I still am. All these ideas I have for stories, yet I cant let them out because I never know how to start a story. I have an idea, I put the pencil to the paper....and nothing. So, this community is for all the people who are suffering from perpetual writers block, or for the ones who simply aren't the best of writers, but still have great ideas.

Have fun, and enjoy your time here!